US Veterans

Here at Entourage we respect and cherish our United States Veterans, no matter what branch served. Our founder served in the military and holds great pride in what our heroes do on a daily basis.  We will be offering FREE care to individuals that have served our country and spent time alway from their loved ones while deployed. This will come from each members monthly payments, where 10% of the profit will go directly toward the monthly fee for our HEROs. No matter what your job or MOS was, we can not thank you Veterans and your families enough for the sacrifices you have made and are currently making.

If you have served and deployed to foreign soil, your care will be taken as a privilege and honor to us here at Entourage. It is with great significance the job our military does and we want to personally thank you!

Please call us to find out more about this offer if you are your loved one is a United States veteran.

***This is in regards to local patients only

Bryan Henry, DNP
Medical Director




ATTENTION!! Our new patient spots are extremely limited due to high volume of sign ups! We will be shutting down new patient enrollments soon!

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